Migration guide from the Chiba 2 version to the Dubrovka version

Upgrade your Novius OS and its applications

See Updates page if you didn’t already do it.

Migrate your developments

Breaking changes

FuelPHP from 1.6 to 1.7.1

Take a look of these three changelog of FuelPHP for backward compatibility notes:

Wijmo from 2013v1.4 to 2013v3.20

Take a look of release notes of Wijmo between 2013v3.20 and 2013v1.4: http://wijmo.com/wiki/index.php/Version_Histories

End of support for config key migrations.enabled_types.metadata

The config key migrations.enabled_types.metadata is no longer supported, and method Migration::canUpdateMetadata() no longer exist. During migration, all files in local/metadata are supposed be writable.

A new event migrate.exception is triggered if a migration throws an exception. This event can stop exception propagation.

Event name for extend metadata configuration

This code do nothing in Dubrovka:


\Event::register_function('config|an_application::metadata', function (&$config) {

You must do that:


\Event::register_function('config|!an_application::metadata', function (&$config) {

Add a leading ! on the metadata path.


Those updates are not mandatory but desirable to be able to migrate without trouble when next version is released.

Some i18n keys of CRUD config for plural forms

The translation system of Novius OS now respect plural forms of languages. Some i18n keys of CRUD config are affected.

These keys now must contain an array of different plurals of translation, and not the translated text:

  • deleting with N contexts
  • deleting with N languages
  • deleting with N children
  • deleting button N items
  • N items
  • showNbItems

These keys are unnecessary:

  • 1 child
  • deleting button 1 item
  • deleting button 0 items
  • 1 item

Nos::hmvc() API is simplified

Second argument can be just an array, not an array with an args key containing an array.

Deprecated code:


\Nos::hmvc('request/url/', array('args' => array($first_parameter, $second_parameter)));

Replace with:


\Nos::hmvc('request/url/', array($first_parameter, $second_parameter));

Method Config::loadConfiguration()

The method \Config::loadConfiguration(). Use \Config::load().

Deprecated code:


$config = \Config::loadConfiguration('application_name', 'file_name');
$config = \Config::loadConfiguration('application_name::file_name');

Replace with:


$config = \Config::load('application_name::file_name', true);

NosApplication::applicationRequiredFromMetadata() scope public

The method \Nos\Application::applicationRequiredFromMetadata() is not intended to be called outside the \Nos\Application class. It will become protected in future.

You can get all applications dependencies by loading the app_dependencies metadata file.


$dependencies = \Nos\Config_Data::get('app_dependencies', array());

In metadata files, extends.application key

In metadata files, the extends key containing an array with an application key is deprecated.

The extends key must contain only an array with applications names in values.

Deprecated code:


return array(
    'name'    => 'Application name',
    'extends' => array(
        'application' => 'application_name',
        'extend_configuration' => false,

Replace with:


return array(
    'name'    => 'Application name',
    'extends' => array(

Config files extended by application extending mechanism

Config files extended by application extending mechanism must be defined in a subdirectory apps/application_name/

For sample, if your application A extends the sample.config.php file of the application B.

Deprecated location: local/applications/application_a/config/sample.config.php

Move to: local/applications/application_a/config/apps/application_b/sample.config.php


The use of advanced theme is deprecated, use only theme nos.

Theme nos is now an extension of advanced theme. All configuration keys starting with theme_nos_ are deprecated and should be replaced by their equivalent starting theme_advanced_.

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