Release notes Dubrovka

New features

  • Applications can extend multiple applications
  • The extend application mechanism works also for views and lang files, not only for config files
  • Russian translations
  • Spanish translations
  • Interlingue (Occidental) translations
  • Japanese translations updated


Vendors update

  • FuelPHP 1.7.1
  • Wijmo 2013v3.20
  • jQuery 1.10.2
  • require.js 2.1.9
  • TinyMCE 3.5.10
  • JQuery.cookie 1.4
  • JQuery.form 3.46.0-2013.11.21
  • JQuery.validation 1.11.1
  • JQuery.mousewheel 3.1.6
  • JQuery.datetimepicker 1.4.3


  • UI Integration of the Novius OS new logo

  • UI: The rendering is improved when switching tab before end of loading

  • Install: Improving messages in the step one of the install wizard for facilitate understanding of the potential problems

  • i18n: Add plural mechanism and implement plural translation

  • Renderer: Selector for pages can now send multiple pages using checkboxes

  • Renderer: Add a generic Renderer::renderer() method for all renderers that extended Renderer

  • WYSIWYG: Refactoring TinyMCE Novius OS specific features. Explode all features in plugins, much more modular.

  • 404: allow to use novius_ftplite app to add custom robots.txt (favicon or humans.txt)

  • Behaviour: All aliases in where and order_by options of find() work whatever the level where the alias is used and even in chaining methods.
    Concern: context in Contextable, published in Publishable, default_sort in Sortable, parent in Tree and context_main in Twinnable.
  • Migration: Add an incremental ID and an execution date in migration table

  • App manager: Buttons are disabled after the click to prevent to recall the same action two times

  • Blog/News: Add a specific title for an author’s posts list

  • Blog/News: Changing page_title and meta title for posts list of category, tag and author

  • Comments: The comment context can be passed by parameters in API

New in version 4.1.

  • Front Controller:

    • New methods setItemDisplayed() and getItemDisplayed().
    • setItemDisplayed() set automatically title, h1, meta_description and meta_keywords.
    • setItemDisplayed() triggers the event front.setItemDisplayed.
    • New setH1() method.
    • setTitle(), setH1(), setMetaDescription(), setMetaKeywords() methods take a template by second parameter (the default template can be set by config). The page’s property is available in the template with a placeholder.
    • The method addJavascriptInline() detects the use of tag <script>.
  • Appdesk:

    • The search bar layout is improved
    • New possible config key multiContextHide for inspectors
    • Performance improved with a javascript refactoring: use of wijsplitter only if need.
    • Improving the resize process.
  • Relation Twinnable_ManyMany: Improving of the join() method. Adding the main_context condition.

  • Behaviour Twinnable: Improving performance of save operation by avoiding to save twins if not needed.

  • Behaviour sortable: Add config key sort_twins, default to true.

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