Release notes Elche

New features

  • New Menu application to manage website menu.
  • New Template variation application to manage template variations by context.
  • New Bootstrap customisable template application which use power of template variation. You can customize elements, layout, skin, menus.
  • UI: Background image on body and sides always visible
  • UI: New tray bar with new fullscreen feature
  • UI: Appdesk and CRUD Toolbar at bottom
  • UI: On Appstab, launchers now draggable on a grid, not only sortable
  • Renderer: New renderer Renderer_Item_Picker based on native appdesk of model
  • Renderer: New renderer Renderer_Select_Model to select item of a model. Manage contexable and twinnable behaviour.


  • ORM: Add Providers feature. Possibility to add providers on model. Providers are accessors to relation’s items by a key.
  • ORM: Wysiwygs and Medias becomes native providers.
  • ORM: New shared_wysiwygs_context and shared_medias_context providers.
  • Enhancer: Config popup now run form validation if some fields have contraints.
  • Grid: cellFormatters on columns work on all noslistgrid widget, not only on principal grid of appdesk

Vendors update

  • jQuery 1.11.1
  • jQuery UI 1.10.4
  • Wijmo 2014v1.34
  • require.js 2.1.11
  • pNotify 2.0
  • JQuery.cookie 1.4.1
  • JQuery.form 3.50.0-2014.0.2.05
  • JQuery.mousewheel 3.1.11
  • JQuery.datetimepicker 1.4.4
  • Webshims 1.13, in Form application,

New features

  • Japanese translation.
  • ORM: Twinnable relations now allow to fix a context instead of using the one on the current model. This allow to use the front office context insted of the model context (wich can be different).
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