Friendly slug

All segments of URLs builded in Novius OS are cleaned by the friendly slug mechanism.

By default:

  • all characters ?, :, \, /, #, [, ], @, & and space are replaced by -.
  • transform to lower case.
  • remove trailing -.
  • replace multiple - by one.

But you can use others rules or define your own rule. You can also have special rules for contexts.

Four setups of rules are defined:

  • default setup (like describe above)
  • no_accent setup. All accent characters are replaced by the equivalent character without accent.
  • no_special setup. All characters that are not a word character, a - or a _ are replaced by -.
  • no_accent_and_special setup. Combination of no_accent and no_special setups.

A sample configuration file is available in local/config/friendly_slug.config.php.sample. Just rename (or copy) it to local/config/friendly_slug.config.php, and update it to your case.

Default setup

To change the default setup of rules:

  • add a key to setups.
  • Set active_setup to this new key.
return array(
    'active_setup' => 'my_default',

    'setups' => array(
        'my_default' => array(
            // Use the 'no_accent' setup

            // Replace space by '_'
            ' ' => '_',

             // All characters that are not a word character, a '-' or a '_' or a '*' are replaced by '-'.
            '[^\w\*\-_]' => array('replacement' => '-', 'flags' => 'i'),

Setup for context

To define specific rules to context, define a new key equal to the context ID in setups array.

return array(
    'setups' => array(
        'main::en_GB' => array(
            //... Set here your specific rules for context main::en_GB

See also

Friendly slug API.

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