From localhost to your production server

You can send Novius OS on a production server using many way:

  • The simplest way would be to copy all Novius OS files as well the database from your local machine to the server. However, as the data is generally different between these two instances, this is not very convenient. And you will probably have to change configuration files.
  • You can send all files except those in local/metadata and local/data folders. You will need to install Novius OS on the production server, only for the first time. This way you will be able to easily configure mysql connection, urls and administration accounts.

However, regardless the method you choose, you will have to change few configuration settings to improve optimization.

Changing environment to production

The first step is to change the Fuel environment (stored in Fuel::$env). This will automatically adapt few settings such as cache length or logs level. The FuelPHP website explains how to change this environment.

You can do it by changing SetEnv in the Apache configuration.

SetEnv FUEL_ENV production
// or
SetEnv NOS_ENV production

Database configuration

You need to add the production key into local/config/db.config.php. The configuration can be quite similar than the one of development; if you installed the instance on the production server, you just have to rename the development key to production. This is very well documented in the FuelPHP website.

Customizing cache durations

Cache duration is adapted if the environment is set to production. You can however customize it by changing local/config/config.php file.

return array(
    'novius-os' => array(
        'cache' => true,
         // When on production environment, durations are 3600 seconds by default
        'cache_duration_page' => 3600, // page cache duration
        'cache_duration_function' => 3600, // custom (applications) cache duration
        'cache_model_properties' => false, // does Novius OS store model properties into cache. Applies only to
        // models where properties where not defined

Email configuration

If need your Novius OS instance to send emails, you have to rename the file local/config/email.config.php.sample to local/config/email.config.php. Configuration details are very well explained on the FuelPHP website.

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