Release notes Chiba 1

New features

  • The behaviour publishable (Behaviour_Publishable) now allows to choose publication start and end dates.


  • Adding a progress bar on multi-page form.

Blog / News

  • Display related posts of authors.


  • Front improvements

    • Profiling is activated by default on front in the DEVELOPMENT environment.
    • Setting configuration novius-os.cache by default always at true.
    • Setting configurations novius-os.cache_duration_page and novius-os.cache_duration_function at 600 by default, except in PRODUCTION at 3600.
    • New events: front.pageFound and front.response.
    • New methods in Controller_Front: getContext, disableCaching, setCacheDuration, setStatus, setHeader, getCustomData, setCustomData, sendContent, addCacheSuffixHandler.
    • Status and headers are now save in cache.
    • Mechanism to adapt the cache path with suffixes, depending GET parameters or what you want (with callables).
    • Mechanism to execute code when using the cache.
  • Models properties

    • All models (core and native apps) now defines the $_properties
    • Implement a cache mechanism on models properties, using FuelPHP cache. Attempt to auto-refresh when an unknown properties is called.
  • Migrations are now dispatched per application.

  • New metadata key requires which allows to define that an application requires another one.

  • It is now possible to use href="##..." in enhancers or templates; occurences will be replaced by href="#..." without prepending the base_url.

  • CRUD: When returning a string in the disabled key, it is displayed as a title. disabled and visible keys can now be simple values, callbacks or array of callbacks.

  • Resized images are now secured: you can’t generate a lot of thumbnails and flood the server anymore.

  • Permissions

    • Ability to define per-application permissions with a configuration file
    • New API to check permissions for a user, or a specific role
    • Ability to enable multi-roles on the users with the novius-os.users.enable_roles configuration.


  • Moved Nos\Renderer_Media to Nos\Media\Renderer_Media.
  • Launchers configuration: the url key is deprecated. Use action instead.
  • The widget key is deprecated in renderer configuration. Use the renderer key and update the class name.
  • The widget_options key is deprecated in renderer configuration. Use the renderer_options key.
  • \Config::extendable_load() is deprecated. Renamed to \Config::loadConfiguration().
  • Orm_Behaviour_Publishable configuration: the publication_bool_property key is deprecated. Use publication_state_property instead.
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