Software’s fundamentals

MVC structure

Novius OS follows the Model-View-Controller pattern, which defines how to work:

  • when designing applications;
  • when organising a project running Novius OS.

Frameworks usage

Framework usages influences us a lot when designing and implementing applications, and it’s really helpful to know the role they play in. However, this documentation relates to Novius OS, so please refers to external documenations and tutorials for more informations about them.


FuelPHP is the PHP framework used by Novius OS.

The most used parts are the ORM, the cascading file system and the data validation. The framework also provides a lot of tools which make application development easier, like the Arr <> class for example.


ORM stands for Object-relational mapping.

The ORM allows to handle the database using PHP objects (and classes), allowing to express relations between them.
An example is worth a thousand words:
$new_monkey = Model_Monkey::forge();
$new_monkey->monk_name = 'Julian';

$monkeys = Model_Monkey::find('all');
foreach ($monkeys as $monkey) {

$monkey = Model_Monkey::find(4);

Novius OS relies on FuelPHP’s ORM. Please refer to its documentation.

But Novius OS adds another notable feature to the ORM: Behaviours.
Behaviours allows to extends Model in a standardised and reusable way.

They’re similar to FuelPHP’s Observers but are more powerful:

  • As Observers, they have configurable options.
  • As Observers, they can intercept events to take action on the Model (such as before_save, trigerred before updating the database).
  • In addition, they also provide methods (static or instance) on the Model.
  • They also can provide new events.

jQuery UI / Wijmo

Although actions are done server side using PHP, Novius OS is mostly written in JavaScript. This is explained by the utmost importance given to the UI and the UX (see UI guidelines).

To offer rich interfaces and interactions, Novius OS uses several JS frameworks:

This framework makes HTML manipulation and DOM much simpler. It’s not especially UI-oriented.
jQuery UI
Built on top of jQuery to provide inferface interactions. Most of the Novius OS UI comes from this framework.
Built on top of jQuery UI. Provides additional rich-interface elements, called widgets.

There’s a hierarchy between those frameworks, Wijmo has the most impact on Novius OS’ ergonomy.

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