Release notes Chiba 2

New features

  • Windows support (Vista and upper).

  • Better install wizard (UI, more tests, choose of languages)

  • Advanced permissions for all natives applications.

  • Comments application:

    • Administration interface
    • Emails are sent when new comments are posted, to post author and others commenters.

New in version Chiba2.1.

  • Add media mass upload feature.


Vendors update

  • FuelPHP 1.6
  • jQuery 1.9.1
  • jQuery UI 1.10.3
  • Wijmo 2013v1.4
  • require.js 2.1.6


  • i18n: Default dictionary app::default is used if no dictionary is set with Nos\I18n::current_dictionary().
  • DB: Change interclassement on all columns containing a slug.
  • ORM: Improvement of the model properties’ cache mechanism, just one query of columns from DB by request.
  • ORM: 4 new relation types, twinnable_belongs_to, twinnable_has_one, twinnable_has_many, twinnable_many_many.
  • ORM: Model class, new addRelation(), configModel(), getApplication() methods.
  • Behaviour: New behaviour author, used by Page, Media, Blog/News, Slideshow, Form.
  • Behaviour: Refactoring behaviour implementation (behaviours can intercept model events).
  • Behaviour Twinnable: Models now can have fields, medias and WYSIWYGs common to all contexts.
  • Behaviour Twinnable: new findMainOrContext(), hasCommonFields(), isCommonField() methods.
  • Behaviour URLEnhancer: New methods deleteCacheEnhancer() and deleteCacheItem().
  • Behaviour URLEnhancer: Delete front’s cache of the item on deleting and updating.
  • Enhancer: In the configuration popup, new ability to define a layout and fields configuration instead of a view, much like the CRUD.
  • Enhancer: In enhancer configuration, new possible key valid_container, which is callable. Can restrict the enhancer availability depending on container.
  • Enhancer: The HTML output generated for the front-office is wrapped in a div with classes noviusos_enhancer and the enhancer name (noviusos_blog, noviusos_news, noviusos_slideshow, noviusos_form)
  • Renderer: New datetime picker renderer to manage both date and time in the same input.
  • WYSIWYG: New WYSIWYG configuration mechanism, with a wysiwygOptions event registrable by behaviour (and used by twinnable), and wysiwyg config sample file.
  • WYSIWYG: In Nos::parse_wysiwyg(), replacing anchors by URL#anchor only in front.
  • SEO: New friendly slug configuration mechanism, with a friendlySlug event registrable by behaviour (and used by twinnable), and friendly_slug config sample file.
  • OsTabs: New reload method in API.
  • OsTabs: Change in tabs opening position. Tab added without index now is added at selected + 1, excepted on the desktop, which always adds the new tab at the end.
  • Appdesk: Two new keys, css and notify in appdesk configuration.
  • Appdesk: Ability to ignore a cellFormatter based on a column value.
  • Appdesk: Now custom cellFormatters are allowed in appdesks.
  • Grid: New align key on actions configuration.
  • Grid: New option for the initial opening depth on tree grid.
  • UI: Using .ui-priority-primary instead .primary on button and .title on textbox inputs.
  • UI: Use browser native select, checkbox and radio, no more use of Wijmo widgets for those inputs.
  • Page: Setting the home page is not allowed in multi-context view.
  • Page: Deleting or unpublishing the home page is not allowed.
  • Page: Increased title and url columns characters length.
  • Media: New field filesize. Display filesize and dimensions in appdesk preview and CRUD form.
  • Media: Refactoring get_img_tag() and get_img_tag_resized() methods of Model_Media, uses HTML::img() for returning a tag with attributes.
  • Media: You can now transform (crop, rotate, rounded, watermark, resize, shrink, grayscale, border) Media and Attachment images with Toolkit_Image API.
  • Media: New “Renew media’s cache” action in Media appdesk toolbar, visible for expert users.
  • Media: Increased title and url columns characters length.
  • Comments: New API for use of noviusos_comments application.
  • Form: New message view for the confirmation.
  • Blog/News: Thumbnail is now configurable (size & link).
  • Misc: New events 404.mediaFound, 404.attachmentFound, admin.loginFail and nos.deprecated.
  • Misc: All URLs are now urlencoded when use in a href or in a redirection.
  • Misc: New temp directory in local/data, assign to novius-os.temp_dir config key by default.
  • Front: is_preview is true only when you are logged in.

New in version Chiba: 2.1

  • Media: Bugfix, images transformed was only display for users connected to back-office. For others, they return a 403.
  • Media: Bugfix on media permissions; when updating a user, his writing rights on medias were disabled.
  • CRUD: The configuration of button save is no more required in CRUD fields settings.
  • ORM: In Models, when use cache_model_properties, new possibility to set a callback (check_property_callback, see local/config/config.php.sample) to check if the property is a potential unknow column, and avoid a show field SQL request.
  • Renderer: New class Nos\Renderer for factorizing code between all renderers.
  • Templates basic: Refactoring for better factorization of code between top and left menu templates.
  • Slideshow: Refactoring configuration and organization. Widgets for displaying slideshow in front are manage by a formats config for better extendable.
  • Blog/News and Comments: Better clean-up of front-cache when a post or a comment is inserted, updated or deleted.

New in version Chiba: 2.2

  • Renderer: The class NosRenderer_Date_Picker was factorized into NosRenderer_Datetime_Picker

  • Media: Media and folders deletions are manage by models, not by CRUD controller

  • i18n: In the i18n class, adding addPriorityDictionary and addPriorityMessages methods

  • Tasks: FuelPHP tasks have been adapted to Novius OS. Tasks namespace now depends on application namespaces allowing two tasks with similar names in many applications.

    A related application, novius_taskmanager, has been implemented in order to allow tasks management and execution from an browser.

  • Form: Improve layout of the answer email.

New in version Chiba: 2.3

  • PHP: Version 5.5 officialy supported
  • Renderer: new option null_allowed (default to false) on Nos\Renderer_Datetime_Picker
  • Misc: Improve Toolkit_Image->sizes(), Media image is not loaded in memory
  • WYSIWYG: In popup image, new fields border, align, vspace and hspace to easily update style
  • CRUD: The javascript for context common fields is improved. Now, unsupported inputs can implement their own blocking process
  • CRUD: Blocking process for context common fields is improved. Now it work also on not input fields (ie: renderer builded on a <div>)
  • CRUD: Blocking process for context common fields supports virtual name renderer fields
  • Profiler: Some items from config are not displayed for security issues
  • Profiler: New methods markDeltaStart() and markDeltaStop() to study time durations
  • ORM: New parameter through_where in many_many relation configuration
  • Form: Adding a replyto field to sending emails if an email is present in the answer. Depends on the add_replyto_to_first_email config key of noviusos_form.config.php file (default true)
  • Form: Move submit email field on the top of the admin form
  • AppWizard: Added check on local/applications folder permission

New in version Chiba: 2.3.1

  • UI: When inserting during a pick process, picks automatically the new item (media, page)

New in version Chiba: 2.3.2

  • Security: Fix XSS in profiler
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