Release notes 0.2

New features

  • Novius OS can now manage multiple contexts: one or several websites, each one with one or several languages

  • Added the Slideshow application

  • Added the Form application

  • Added the ‘Build your app’ wizard application

  • Added the Simple Google+ share sharer on the same level as Facebook and Twitter

  • Back-office can now speak french in addition to english

  • Back-office tabs can be closed with a middle click
    New button Close all other tabs


  • Consequences of the switch from multi-languages to multi-contexts

    • The context configuration is done in a dedicated file (it’s not in config.php anymore). Two new keys contexts and sites exists now, in addition to locales
    • Every columns lang, lang_common_id, lang_is_main of the database have been renamed with context
    • The new context columns are now larger, from 5 to 25 characters
    • The Translatable behaviour has been renamed Twinnable
    • In the CRUD, the context notion has been replaced by environment, to prevent confusions (context_relation -> environment_relation, item_context -> item_environment)
    • Every associated variables have been renamed, too
  • Updated vendors to the following versions:

    • jQuery, updated from 1.7.2 to 1.8.2
    • jQuery UI, updated from 1.8.22 to 1.8.24
    • Wijmo, updated from 2.1.4 to 2.2.2
    • tinyMCE, updated from 3.5.6 to 3.5.7
    • FuelPHP and its packages (including email), updated from 1.2 to 1.4
  • Changes in the pages API:

    • New class Tools_Url
    • Model_Page->get_link() -> Model_Page->link()
    • Model_Page->get_href() -> Model_Page->url()
    • Model_Page::get_url() -> Tools_Url::page()
    • Deleted Model_Page::get_url_absolute()
    • Every methods now returns absolutes URLs
  • Merged and enhanced configuration files for app-desk, inspector and CRUD:

    • New common configuration file for model-specific data
    • Possibility to format a grid column from the PHP configuration (not only JavaScript).
    • Possibilité de formatter une colonne d’une grid via la configuration PHP (et plus seulement en Javascript)
  • In Controller_Crud, the from_item was renamed to init_item and is only called for new items

  • New Attachment class to handle files attached to an item, without adding them to the media centre

  • widget have been replaced to renderers. Classes and view files were updated accordingly.

  • Every view and configuration file are extendable in the local/config directory from the website

  • Created a new controller for enhancer‘s popup in the Wysiwyg, with a default preview

  • The upload.disabled_extensions configuration key was moved to novius-os.upload.disabled_extensions

  • $page and $main_controller variables are now available within the template

  • The time picker renderer can be used outside a Fieldset (standalone way)

  • The front.start event has an additional cache_path parameter.

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